Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Save Some Bucks on Economy Maple Veneer through September

Rich unrolls a  sheet of Economy Maple Veneer in Oakwood's warehouse.

To celebrate our 25 years in business, and our 100,000th invoice (at our “new” location since 2006) we are offering a series of specials through the end of the year. For the month of September we are featuring Economy Maple Veneer for only 99-cents per square foot for 10 sheets or more – and $1.09 per square foot for smaller quantities. These are 4’ x 8’ sheets with 10-mil backers. This is a great buy on a beautiful staple -- and the perfect time to stock up! Call in your order for sale price at 800-426-6018. While you’re at it, check out our Featured Items to see some pretty cool choices in wood veneer at great prices.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wood Veneer Edgebanding and Edge Banding Tape at Oakwood

While the lion’s share of our stock is sheets of wood veneer, we are also a complete source of Veneer Edgebanding, also known as “Edging Veneer,” “Wood Veneer Edging,” “Edge Banding Tape,” and “Veneer Banding.”

Whatever you call it, these are narrow rolls of wood veneer designed for application on furniture, cabinet and countertop edges. Our edgebanding comes in 250-ft and 500-ft rolls in 7/8”, 13/16”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and 3” widths in some of our most popular species – such as white birch, cherry, maple, mahogany, red oak, and walnut. It is also available in 7/8” rolls of 100’ in a nice selection of exotic wood species.
To see exactly what we carry in stock in wood veneer edge banding, click on our price sheet in the bottom right column, go to our Edgebanding page on our website, or give us a call 9am – 5pm EST at 800-426-6018.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Save Money on Great-Looking Mahogany Veneer

Khaya Wood Veneer at Oakwood Veneer Troy, MI
James rolling a sheet of Khaya Veneer in the Oakwood warehouse.

Sometimes you can really cut a great deal on wood veneer, without even trying. Take Honduran Mahogany Veneer, for example. This wood veneer has been very hard to get for almost ten years. At Oakwood, we still sell Honduran Mahogany, but it is still quite expensive. A good substitute would be Khaya (African Mahogany, pronounced “Kah-ya.”) We call this “value engineering” because Khaya Veneer, which is often less than half the price, is easy to get – and it looks great.

I suggest that people without an unlimited budget (yes, some of those still exist) consider Khaya, especially if they intend to stain the finished piece. Call it “value engineering” or just a great deal. Whenever you get this, it just feels good!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wormy Chestnut Veneer is Back!

Wormy Chestnut Veneer at Oakwood Veneer Company.
Peter Rodgers inspects a sheet of Wormy Chestnut.
(for a limited engagement)

This veneer has been hard – make that impossible – to find for the past ten years. That’s because Wormy Chestnut Veneer is created from Chestnut trees that have been inhabited by worms. Pest control solved a problem and created a new one: no more worms, but no more Wormy Chestnut. Some Wood Veneer manufacturers tried making this veneer by alternative means, such as making the veneer from reclaimed barn wood. This was not such a good idea, as any nail, screw or metal in the barn wood wrecked blades and pretty much created minor disasters.

The good news is that at Oakwood, we’ve come across a source of bona fide Wormy Chestnut, and we’ve bought it up to supply our customers with this now very rare veneer. At this time, we have about 150 sheets, all four-foot wide, in lengths of eight-, nine-, and ten feet. The worm marks are evenly distributed making for a wonderfully rustic look – but with no open defects. It’s beautiful!

Please remember that we have this for a limited time, and only because the supply of these trees is limited. If you even think you might have use for Wormy Chestnut Veneer some time in the future, this is the time to stock up. Call us at 800-426-6018.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Now We Know Where Baby Veneer Trees Come From

Okay, so this isn’t a true lesson on the biology of wood veneer. But take a look at the photos. What you see used to be a tree and is now . . . well you decide. Our neighbor had this piece of art created from a tree that would have otherwise been destined for the fireplace or chipper. Word on the street is that the design is supposed to be of “children frolicking in springtime.” Um, I can’t disagree with the springtime thing, but it’s the “children” part that is problematic. Whatever the case, it’s a stunning piece of art – and quite the talk of the neighborhood. Most people like it. According to one neighbor, the project cost several thousand dollars. And well worth it. At Oakwood Veneer, we like to see trees live beyond their original incarnation. And if this leads to even more trees, that makes us happier yet.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zebrawood Veneer Always Shows Its Stripes – Even After Staining!

There is a little known fact about Zebrawood Veneer that I tell designers and architects. The secret is that, unlike other woods, Zebrawood is easily stainable. It can be stained anything from a natural to a dark brown tone or even with a red cast. Whatever the stain, it will still exhibit the traditional straight vertical grain pattern you expect with this wood veneer. The stain does not hide its beauty – which is a big plus! Many designers are using Zebrawood with a horizontal, rather than the expected vertical application, as shown in this photo from Mica Sorkin of Hefner Woodworking, North Carolina. Whatever the application, Zebrawood Veneer adds drama to the project.

- Peter Rodgers

Monday, April 2, 2012

Veneered Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Oh yes, I almost forgot Boats, Motor Homes and Campers! As you can imagine, we get calls from customers looking to do restorations of just about anything you can dream of, and not just furniture, cabinets and wall surfaces. Lately, we have had several requests to provide flexible wood veneer for restoring vintage camping trailers.

Wood veneer is a great way to bring new life into your pleasure vehicle interiors. This is whether you are looking to do an exact restoration or if you simply want to change the overall appearance. We stock about 300 different species and cuts in five different backer choices. So no matter your taste or design considerations, we will have the right material to do the job.

We have also been providing flexible veneers for Auto and Aircraft interiors for many years, and even for a customer or two who were restoring old Pullman Rail cars. Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Boats, Motor Homes, Campers, Furniture, Cabinets and Architectural millwork, Oakwood Veneer Co. is ready to get you on your way to a beautiful new look.

by Jay White
Production Manager
Oakwood Veneer Company