Monday, December 21, 2009

Oakwood's Veneer Price List Doesn't Include Everything - If You Don't See It, Ask!

At Oakwood, we pride ourselves on having an extensive veneer price list that has every item in stock daily. However, sometimes there are items our customers are looking for that aren't on the list. And often, we either have those items, we can make them up, or we can get them in very shortly. The key is - if you don't see it, ask!

Here are some items that Oakwood might be able to provide if you ask.

Pearwood Veneer1) Other veneer species. It will be hard to find species out there that we don't have on our price list, but if you do, ask about it. Sometimes we might have an alternative that is extremely similar (for example Pearwood Veneer - pictured left - is almost the same as Madrone Veneer). Occasionally these alternatives can save you money as well. Sometimes we will have that exact species in stock. And sometimes we can get that exact species for you by special order, which is not a long process. Just ask.

Koa Veneer2) Veneer on any backer. We can put any species on any backer for 4X8 and 4X10 sizes (except for crossgrain or counterfront on phenolic which doesn't work well). Need Koa Veneer (pictured right) on Pressure Sensitive Adhesive? No problem. Mozambique Veneer on wood-on-wood? You got it. We also have phenolic back, paper back, and bubble-free double paperback. Just ask.

3) Sizes and species of edgebanding. For example, the species you want may only be listed in 7/8" while you want in 1". We might have this in stock, or we may be able to special order it. Just ask.

Zebrawood Veneer4) Less-expensive ways to get your job done right. For example, we had one customer ask for a Zebrawood Veneer sheet (pictured left) in 4X12. After a little discussion, we found that they could get the job done perfectly with two 4X8 sheets and slicing off 2 feet from the end of each. This saved them a significant amount of money, because zebrawood in 4X12 is very pricey because it is so difficult to make. We may be able to find similar solutions for you. Just ask.

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