Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Veneer Species! - Lemonwood Veneer / Degame Veneer

Lemonwood VeneerWith over 250 species, you'd wonder why we would ever need to add another wood. But we did, and we think that you'll like it. It's called Lemonwood (image to your left) or Degame Veneer. This wood is grown in Central America and tropical South America. The wood varies from white to light brown, but is usually yellow like a lemon. Lemonwood is heavy, resilient, and often thicker that most veneers even though it is sliced at the same thickness settings. It can be used for furniture, cabinetry, displays, or for any application that needs a light yellowish look.

Lemonwood Veneer
actually does not come from the Lemon tree family, so therefore the true name should be Degame Veneer. However, because of the yellow appearance, we don't mind continuing to use the misnomer.

Lemonwood is exotic and rare as a veneer and as a solid lumber, where it is most often used to make hunting bows. It is not hard to work with when sufficiency sharp tools are used.

To ask about Lemonwood Veneer or to order, give us a call at 800-426-6018. Below is a larger picture (representing 2.5'X4' and not 4'X8').
Lemonwood Veneer 2.5'X4'

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