Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quartered Yellow, Carolina Southern Yellow, White, and Knotty Pine Veneer

When most people think of Pine Veneer, Knotty Pine comes to mind. But it is important to realize that there are four different types of Pine Veneer: Carolina Southern Yellow, Quartered Southern Yellow, White, and of course, Knotty Pine Veneer. Here is some information that will help you make a selection when considering different types of Pine Veneer.

Quartered Yellow Pine VeneerQuartered Yellow Pine Veneer – This is a very light toned wood with yellow to beige multi-shade straight grain lines across the top. Like all Pine Veneer, Quartered Yellow is often used in home building, furniture making, and on ships. Quartered Yellow Pine is considered by many to be the most valuable of any softwood species in North America.

Carolina Southern Yellow Pine VeneerCarolina Southern Yellow Pine Veneer – This is a two-toned wood that is yellow with reddish-orange grain lines over the top in irregular oval swirls. This is a little more rustic looking than the quartered version, but it is also used in shipbuilding and furniture making.

White Pine VeneerWhite Pine Veneer – This is similar to Southern Yellow because it is two-toned. However the two colors are fainter and the grain lines run in a sideways arching pattern as opposed to the irregular ovals.

Knotty Pine VeneerKnotty Pine Veneer – This is your typical rustic Pine Veneer with nice large knots. This is common to farmhouse furniture, doors, and buildings. The color is generally pale and the knots are a deep brown which makes them highly visible. Knotty Pine Veneer is a great way to add some character to your project without spending a lot of money (pine in general is not an expensive wood).

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