Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rustic Veneer Part 2: Knotty Pine, Yew, and Cypress, Natural Birch, and Wormy Maple Veneer

For more information about rustic veneer, be sure to check out the first rustic veneer blog post. This blog is second in a series of three.

Here are some more great choices in rustic veneer:

Knotty Pine VeneerKnotty Pine Veneer: Because of its popularity, this is the veneer that most rustics get compared against. Knotty Pine is one of the most popular of the softwood veneers (which are from trees that don’t loose leaves in the winter). Knotty Pine Veneer has a very pale color with simple dark brown knots scattered throughout. Like the other knotty woods (Alder, Cypress, Larch, Aromatic Cedar), it is common to see Knotty Pine on farmhouse buildings and furniture.

Knotty Yew VeneerKnotty Yew Veneer – All Yew Veneer is knotty, so Yew and Knotty Yew are one and the same. This is a knotty wood with a more stately, almost burl-like appearance with lots of swirly figure, understated knots, and multi-tone shades.

Natural Two Tone Birch VeneerNatural Two Tone Birch Veneer – This is a brown and light tan two-tone wood with a very understated swirly grain pattern. The brown and light tan sections of Birch Veneer are completely separated for a calico appearance, and while rustic in appearance, has a touch more modern appearance.

Knotty Pecky Cypress VeneerKnotty Cypress Veneer – This is sometimes called Pecky Cypress, probably because the knots are smaller and instead look like pecks. This wood has a bit darker appearance that Knotty Pine and the grain is very straight with a few small swirly sections.

Wormy Maple VeneerWormy Maple Veneer – This wood is also known as Ambrosia Maple or Ghost Maple, and the grain is caused by an infestation of the ambrosia beetle. It has a standard maple color with short worm-looking streaks of brown running in diagonal lines across the sheet.

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