Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Oakwood Veneer 2009 Wood Veneer Design Contest Winnner Is...

After reviewing dozens of great looking projects and being wowed by some stunning designs from all over the country, we at Oakwood Veneer have come to a final decision on our 2009 Wood Veneer Design Contest.

The Winner is... (drumroll) Schoenstein and Company from Benicia, California. Their winning design was a stunning pipe organ which is now in use at the prestigious Julliard School of Music in New York. A large picture of the organ is located just below this post - click on it to see a larger and higher resolution file.

The organ was made using Karelian Birch, Quarter-sawn Oak, and Honduran Mahogany Veneer, all purchased from Oakwood Veneer.

The Oakwood Veneer website gallery will be updated to show our winner and other honorable mentions. Stay tuned to the Blog for further information.

Click on the Picture for Higher Resolution (More Detailed)


Bob said...

You need better lit pictures. The dull, flat light in this one blots out the grain and frankly makes most of the wood look little better than tan paint.

Peter Rodgers said...

Hi Bob,

I'm not sure if you saw the sign that says you should click on the picture for an expanded, more detailed view. The wood looks much better in the new view. Even in the new view, the file may have been scaled down in order to fit on the internet.

We thought the project and photograph were both stunning and were worthy of winning first place over dozens of other entries. But even if the photograph doesn't accurately show the wood, the real project is still worthy of being in one of the world's most prestigious music schools.